Greg Cohen
Greg Cohen is the founder and lead instructor at APW. He is an editorial photographer focused on portrait and documentary projects. He has told visual stories of orphans in Cambodia, animal adoption in the US and the universal magic of ice cream. His clients include Amazon, TIME/Fortune, Autism Speaks, Lifetime, ABC, Fatburger, Cambodia Tomorrow, Blackboard Eats.

Armando Arorizo
Armando Arorizo is a freelance photojournalist with over 20 years of experience. His extensive history includes photographing world class events in politics, entertainment and sports. This includes President Obama’s inauguration and the funerals of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II; the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys; the Olympics, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals and the World Cup. He is the owner of the Perfect Exposure Gallery, which exhibits work from award-winning photographers, each based in Los Angeles, California.

Alyson Aliano
Alyson Aliano is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles. Originally from New York City, she graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography. She has lectured and taught at The School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, NYU and UCLA. Her clients include Rolling Stone, Wired, Los Angeles Magazine, Airbnb, New York Magazine, London Times Magazine and New York Times Magazine.