Take your street photography to the next level, and join us for this workshop. The expedition winds through downtown LA, where you’ll practice your timing and develop a balance between quick reflexes and patience, a critical awareness when shooting in Magic Hour. You’ll overcome fear about approaching people, and we’ll go over valuable tips and techniques to produce striking images. You’ll have a great time capturing light on this urban outing.

Before we set out, we’ll go over rules of thumb to consider; and after the shoot, we’ll assess the work, share our discoveries and get excited for next time.

We run a different walkabout each month, its a perfect way for you shoot with other photographers and sharpen your street photography.


3 hour workshop with Greg Cohen: $175

Dates: TBD
Enrollment Limit: 10
Skill/Experience Level: any
What to Bring: Camera
Tuition: $175

Venue: Atwater Photo Workshop
Phone: 310-463-6277
Address: TBD

This worksop has already begun


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