Everyone today has a camera, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to produce indelible images that transcend the test of time. What’s the difference between a snapshot and an artistic image? In this workshop, we break down what makes a striking photograph. We explore the anatomy of great photo, and discover the methods used to create it. We cover composition, perspective, lighting, color and mood, among other tools.
Whether you have an iphone, point & shoot or DSLR, we’ll cover all the material necessary to bring your work to the next level. If you have kids or dogs or simply like to stroll through town, this is a perfect course to amplify your pics and expand the way you see.


3 hour workshop: $225 per seat

Dates: December 7
Time: 12 – 3pm
Enrollment Limit: 6 students
Skill/Experience Level: Any
What to Bring: Camera (anything from iphone to DSLR)
Tuition: $225

Venue: Atwater Photo Workshop
Phone: 310-463-6277
Address: 3015 Glendale Blvd LA, CA 90039

This worksop has already begun


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