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Do you have an idea for a collection of images? Is your project already underway?
In this an 8 segment course we’ll walk with you from developing your idea through it’s final presentation. With guest photographers/speakers we’ll roll up our sleeves and systematically go through each phase of the process.

  • Previsualization: Development
  • Preparation: Research
  • Production: Shooting
  • Post Production: Editing
  • Packaging: Assembling
  • Pitching: Sharing
  • Presentation: Installation
  • Following Up

This all starts with crystallizing your vision.

This is an in depth course to help you realize your project. We’ll work together, encouraging feedback; and you’ll work individually with the instructors. Ultimately you’ll complete your project and have the opportunity to exhibit it in a gallery setting.


8 segments, 4 hours each: $2250 per seat

Dates: Begins onĀ  January 25
Time: 8 segments, 2 hours each
Enrollment Limit: 5 students
Skill/Experience Level: Any level
What to Bring: your project
Tuition: $2250

Venue: Atwater Photo Workshop
Phone: 310-463-6277
Address: 3015 Glendale Blvd LA, CA 90039

This worksop has already begun


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